avant garde supperchic is innovating fashion

Runway photo from the April 6, 2010 avant garde supperchic.
Sebastiaan Van de Burgt, who works within the creative and special events department of supperclub, has a talent for scouting up-and-coming avant-garde fashion designers and throwing an entertaining show.  This is evident in his cutting edge fashion event called "avant garde supperchic."  This is a one of a kind event at supperclub, where fashionistas, photographers, designers and models come together for a 3-course dinner, photo shoot, hair and makeup demonstration, catwalk fashion show and special performances.  Guests are able to take a peek at what goes on behind the scenes of a fashion show because everything backstage is done upfront.  They are able to watch runway models get their hair and makeup done for the show and see the creative work that's done to complement the theme of the fashion collection.  Guests are even encouraged to take part as a model in a professional photo shoot.
Sebastiaan Van de Burgt
In regards to his innovative event, Sebastiaan said, "Since I've always been interested in fashion and supperclub offered me a lot of freedom, I wanted to test my management skills and creativity by organizing an event.  I know that fashion can be an untouchable glamorous world, therefore my goal was to make it more approachable.  I give the guests a peek in the intruiging and creative world of fashion.  Moreover, an interactive event has proven to be way more interesting."   
Hair stylist sculpting a model's hair.
Not only is Sebastiaan throwing a fascinating look into the world of fashion, but he's also promoting all the talent involved in putting it together.  It's very easy to walk away from a fashion show and be focused on the designer that was showcased.  This event showcases all the talent involved in the production of a fashion show, from the hairstylists, stylists, makeup artists, fashion photographers, designers to the runway manager.  He's creating an appreciation for the fashion industry within San Francisco through this monthly event.
The next avant-garde supperchic event is happening on Tuesday, May 18, 2010 and will be featuring designer collection be.sa.  The event starts at 6:00 PM with a champagne happy hour and dinner is served at 7:30 PM by Executive Chef Daan Jetten.  The fashion photographer for the evening is Jeremy Montemayor, the hair stylist is Lorenzo Diaz and the makeup artist is Kat Steinmetz.  In addition to the runway show, the evening will also include creative fashion performances by Auberon and Bad Unkl Sista.  Supperclub's house DJs will also be spinning throughout the evening.

Edith Barker, PR and Special Events Manager for the School of Fashion at Academy of Art University attended the last avant garde supperchic event and said "Supperclub's inclusion of a fashion show offers an opportunity for those outside the industry to see the creativity and quality of collections from established and up-and-coming designers alike, before their collections are in the marketplace.  A perfect example is the avant garde supperchic on Tuesday, May 18th when Bethany Meuleners and Sabah Mansoor Husain show their Fall 2010 collections that were recently unveiled at the Academy of Art University's show at Mercedez Benz New York Fashion Week.  This is the first time their collections will be on the runway outside of New York.  This show will also mark the public launch of their business partnership and design collaboration under the label be.sa.  I've already booked my table to see be.sa in SF!"
be.sa Fall 2010 collection.
Be.sa is a collaboration of two designers that recently showed their collection at Bryant Park at New York's Fashion week in February.  These collections were designed separately, with different techniques and styles, however their aesthetics work well together.  The avant garde supperchic event on May 18th will mark the introduction of the two working together to create a new high end knitwear company called be.sa.  Their plan is to launch a new collection for Spring 2011.  Their focus is to bring knitting and craft techniques to the forefront of fashion and to present more than just the average sweater to their customers.  Their craft techniques come from all over the world and has a well traveled feel.

In reference to her collection, Bethany Meuleners said, "When I design, I like to design with a story in mind.  This collection came out of the idea of a little girl playing dress up in her mother's closet, throwing on several layers and letting each one land where it fell, often times off kilter.  There is something very genuine about when a kid just has fun and combines elements that an older, more reserved adult may not consider.  Further inspiration for shapes and styles came from futuristic photography and Duschamp's "Nude Descending a Staircase."  I have always worked with combining knitwear and woven fabrics into one garment and even into one fabric.  For this collection, I used felting techniques to combine the chiffon layers with knitted layers, so that they were fused as one in some places.  This made it possible to combine the two into one fabric without having to use seams."
be.sa Fall 2010 collection.
Sabah Mansoor said of her styles, "My collection is based on large idea of exploring the relationship between craft and design.  While being a student of design, I have often questioned the relevance of traditional crafts in design.  What are the boundaries that makes the distinction between the two?  I have used the centuries old tradition of knit and felt techniques to expand boundaries between art, craft and design.  Drawing strongly on the traditional techniques of felting fabrics, using shibori and hand embroidery techniques to act as resists.  Combining wet felting with knitted fabric to create surfaces that draw from both techniques, but are not defined by either.

My color story is all black with jewel assets.  Inspired by chandeliers, I worked with an artisan in Firozabad, India to customize the jewel-shaped crystals and faceted glass beads I used to embellish the entirely black and charcoal collection."
be.sa Fall 2010 collection.
Supperclub is known for their creative events, and avant garde supperchic is setting a new standard for a fashion event with it's interactive fashion show and performances.  Due to the success of the event, supperclub will soon be launching a version this summer at their newest location in Hollywood.  Not only is avant garde supperchic innovative, but it's also making a great impact in promoting fashion industry talent within the local community. 

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